Business What Is Real Estate?

What Is Real Estate?


Essentially, real estate is land and anything that attaches to it — such as buildings,

roads or fences. It also includes any natural resources like growing crops, minerals or

water. Real estate also refers to ownership rights of a piece of land and the

structures on it, including houses and other buildings, according to the International

Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

While most people associate real estate with homes, commercial property,

investment properties and industrial spaces, the term can also be used for vacant or

undeveloped land. It is a valuable asset that can provide a steady source of income

through rent and price appreciation, according to the National Association of


Location is a major factor in the value of real estate. Different geographic areas are

favored by certain groups of people, and this preference can cause prices to differ

considerably between locations. In addition, real estate is immovable — while dirt

can be moved, a home cannot. This makes it inherently unique, unlike personal

property like cars or jewelry.


A property’s location also factors into its tax rate. Depending on the area, real estate

taxes can be higher or lower than personal property taxes. In many cases, investors

purchase multiple pieces of real estate to make a profit through rental income and

price appreciation. Also read


Buying and selling real estate can be complicated. The process involves a lot of

paperwork and negotiations, so it is important to work with knowledgeable

professionals. A real estate agent can help guide you through the process and

negotiate the best deal for you. They can also assist with securing a mortgage and

navigating the closing process. A real estate agent can represent you and your

interests at meetings with your mortgage lender, the other party’s real estate agent,

title or escrow agents, and even real estate attorneys.


In addition to helping buyers and sellers, real estate brokers also act as transaction

brokers. This means they have a higher-level license than agents and oversee all the

aspects of a transaction. Brokers may also hire agents to work under them. Agents

can be buyer’s or seller’s agents, or dual agents if allowed by state law.


Investing in real estate is a popular option for many investors because of the

positive cash flow, significant appreciation potential and tax benefits. It can be a

good way to diversify an investment portfolio, as it typically has a low correlation

with other significant asset classes. As with any investment, it is important to

research the market thoroughly and speak with experts like real estate agents or

lawyers before making any decisions.

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What Is Real Estate?

Real Estate is the term for land and the buildings on it, along with the air rights above it and...

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